Build a robust network that supports transformation, agility and security.

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Having worked with leading names in the broadcast sector, ICT Networks has extensive experience in delivering carefully engineered network solutions for our broadcast clients.

As a Juniper Elite Partner, we have access to best of breed networking hardware with Level 3 certified engineers and a local dev and lab environment. This allows us to innovate and test new ideas in a risk-free space to deliver a proven robust and reliable network that meets and exceeds your business goals, data needs, and customer expectations. Enjoy the benefits of advanced AI-powered security features, and ongoing support to help you stay a step ahead of the competition.



Specialist equipment

Our team are experts in broadcast networks. We have an agile and agnostic approach to technology; building robust networks that compliment Broadcast, Archive Storage, Live Streaming, Connectivity, Media Asset Management and Content delivery solutions.


Managed services

Hand the stress of keeping a constant eye on performance and threats to us.



Rapidly and seamlessly scale to meet demand as needed: With an agile and agnostic approach to technology, to tailor the right solution for the client, not bend the client around the technology.


Real time reporting

Gain visibility into everything that's happening on your network in real time.

Fox Sports

Find out how we built the world's most advanced, robust and flexible broadcasting network, managing over 50 terabytes of data daily with enterprise-grade security. "We have successfully achieved a full business transformation. Everything was fully integrated from the start, and with a virtual chassis we're now able to have a single pane of glass for everything."

Michael Tomkins, CTO Fox Sports