SASE Managed Services

Out with the old, in with the new and improved

For Business Minds

Move into the future of modern work with confidence by combining seamless network connectivity with unparalleled security.

For Tech Minds

Leverage the power of SD-WAN, CASB, NGFW and FWaaS, ZTNA and SWG as a single solution with expert engineers to support you every step of the way.

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Digital, cloud and data transformations are the number 1 priority for every business right now. But without the right network architecture to support it, you might as well be building a house on a pile of feathers.

Introducing Secure Access Service Edge: the network architecture that has been purposefully designed to provide a concrete foundation for modern businesses in a digital era. 

We Do


Create a SASE roadmap

Many factors influence your business’s ability to move full steam ahead with SASE. We believe the best way is to develop a practical roadmap that takes into account your current network architecture, hardware commitments, transformation strategies, security posture, and more. We’ll work with you to devise a plan that reduces risk and achieves a cost effective outcome with an impressive ROI.


Develop network governance

Your SASE architecture is only as good as the rules it plays by – which is why it’s invaluable to have experts support you in developing and integrating robust policies that make the most of SASE’s advanced capabilities. Whether your current security approach is inconsistent, siloed or extremely basic, we’ll show you how to develop a total network governance strategy that protects your people and your data.


Manage roll out

As you move from your current state to your ideal SASE environment, we’re with you every step of the journey. From phasing out long term hardware contracts to measuring user experience after changes to your network, our engineers offer the breadth and depth of experience needed to turn a SASE strategy into a SASE success.


Oversee your entire architecture

Managing all the components that make a SASE architecture successful takes time. We can free you up to focus on higher value work by taking care of your entire SASE environment for you. Choose your level of engagement: from full management to partial co-management with our level 3 certified engineered at your disposal whenever you need us.