Managed Security Services

100% tailored and results-focussed

For Business Minds

Adopt a fully-outsourced or blended security approach that effectively safeguards your business and streamlines operations.

For Tech Minds

Our specialist information security team are on standby to detect, analyse and respond to your cyber security alerts and incidents in real time.

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Our specialist information security team are on standby to detect, analyse and respond to your cyber security alerts and incidents in real time.

When you're managing hundreds or even thousands of staff, accidents can happen. Businesses are also increasingly targeted by malicious entities which can lead to severe losses. According to data from the ACCC, $132 million was lost in business email compromise scams, with everyday Australians losing a whopping $634 million in 2019!

At ICT Networks we blend our people, processes and infrastructure with your existing IT operations so you can decide which processes to keep in house and which ones you want us to manage for you.

We Do

What we do

Our approach is continually evolving to keep pace with the latest challenges and opportunities, so your business is well supported into the future.


Security Operations Centre (SOC as a Service)

Safeguard against security incidents, gain surety of uptime, and meet your compliance obligations with our expert security team watching your systems 24/7. We use world-class technology and follow a best practice approach with documented processes and procedures, ongoing maintenance, immediate remediation, and much more.



We'll work with you to design and implement first-class security practices that proactively protect your business critical systems. From penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to security architecture design, professional services, static code analysis, MFA and firewall implementation, email security, and policy configuration.



Have confidence that all threats are being monitored in real time so we can react rapidly if an incident occurs. Our services span managed firewall, endpoint and server antivirus, anti-phishing, intrusion detection, data leak, authentication, static code scanning, and log monitoring and response across any environment.



Proactively protect your network and data in motion from malicious entities with smart measures such as single sign on, web security, firewall, cloud access, and hosted end user VPN.


Remediation and recovery

We'll help you implement tools that establish a baseline so your system will automatically alert you when anomalies occur. Our remediation and recovery services are backed by highly certified cybersecurity experts and span visibility and response, network intrusion detection, user access activity, and external DNS monitoring. If a breach happens, we act rapidly to action repairs so you're back to BAU as quickly as possible.