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AI is also helping to automate mundane workflows which have traditionally cost businesses a lot of time and money in terms of man hours. By taking care of the hack work, AI frees up staff who then have more time to focus on innovative and revenue-generating activities.

Other core activities that AI can assist with in supporting business outcomes include:

• boosting security efforts

• predicting potential failures

• increasing data availability and analytics

However, AI is rapidly moving beyond the basic and into a new realm capable of taking forward-thinking brands to unprecedented heights.

Advanced networking solutions providers know this, and have been actively working with AI to integrate it directly into their products (rather than bolting it on top of legacy platforms).

One example of this is Juniper Networks’ Mist platform. Mist is a modern microservices cloud architecture with an integrated AI engine that delivers extraordinary insight and automation.

Mist provides enterprise-grade wireless access points which developers and commercial customers can deploy to provide public WiFi in their establishments. Because each microservice acts independently, the platform offers massive scalability and resilience.

But it’s the platform’s ability to meet customer intimacy goals within certain industries that really make it exciting.

For example, retail operators are using Mist to drive a new level of customer engagement with features such as

• customised greetings on their smartphone when they enter the store

• mobile check in

• turn-by-turn directions

• help finding the closest salesperson

• proximity alerts on sales

Check our latest case study on Frasers Property to see how they are taking advantage of AI to drive new efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

From a strategic perspective, Mist empowers businesses with unparalleled insights such as store traffic patterns, product placement, purchasing behaviours, and more.

As businesses strive to compete in this new digital era driven by an always and everywhere connected consumer market, leveraging new technology such as Mist could become essential for survival.

If you would like to learn more about Mist and how it could help take your business to new heights, please contact us.