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Where once a network was restricted to a local datacentre with a defined security perimeter, many organisations have embraced cloud and SaaS platforms which provide easier access to data.

The onus is now on these organisations to ensure staff are able to connect to the company network wherever and whenever they need to – while upholding the strictest security measures to prevent unauthorised access.

With this in mind, advanced network solutions providers have embraced a new type of network infrastructure that caters to these demands.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is an architecture that is specifically designed to support modern work environments. Combining the best in SD-WAN capabilities with advanced security, SASE provides direct and secure access to cloud applications for approved users.

One of the key benefits of SASE is its robust security capabilities, which account for the unique threats that apply to workers accessing data on the move.

In essence, it allows you to create security policies once and then apply them everywhere – while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to increase your network’s availability, quality and capacity for disparate locations.

Access to your network is based on a zero-trust policy, which uses a number of factors to verify users. The architecture allows for a lot of flexibility in how security policies are applied and identities are verified, without the need to depend on location or device type.

Importantly, SASE also draws on the latest networking and security technologies (including AI) to create context around each new connection. This means your system is working in the background to evaluate and validate people on your behalf, so legitimate users can connect seamlessly while nefarious attempts are stopped in their tracks.

At ICT Networks, we’re excited to see these new capabilities arise which ultimately help our clients solve their biggest networking challenges.
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