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Although not quite a fly on the wall, this is exactly what’s possible when you employ artificial intelligence (AI) within your network…and you don’t even need to lift a finger.

As leading global brands have found, Juniper Networks’ Mist AI is a total game changer when it comes to enhancing customer experiences – especially when combined with Marvis, a virtual network assistant (VNA), and Juniper’s SD-WAN service.

Here are 5 ways that Mist AI is changing the game when it comes to delivering an outstanding user experience…

1. Deciphers customer experience metrics in a split second

Using the power of AI, Mist learns deeply and continuously as it rapidly sifts through real time user experience metrics.

Infinitely scalable and engineered to respond automatically, Mist AI provides superior user support for customers; whether they be customers in a retail store or business users in remote locations.

2. Helps IT teams be proactive, not reactive

Mist AI serves up comprehensive analytics that empower IT teams to take proactive action, rather than reacting to problems that have likely been festering for some time.

By surfacing the root cause of user experience or network infrastructure issues, teams can act quickly and be guided by recommendations within Marvis’ intuitive and conversational interface.

If a user is having connectivity issues, Marvis can assist with troubleshooting to resolve the issue without the need to wait for helpdesk assistance. This improves the customer experience and reduces pressure on IT teams.

3. Remediates issues ahead of time

Imagine solving a customer or user issue before they even realise they have one!

As a new breed of AI, Mist AI observes and learns about your network over time. If it were to detect that a Wi-Fi access point was failing, it could immediately initiate a fix so the connection was maintained.

This not only reduces downtime, but eliminates a potential cause of frustration for busy customers or employees.

4. Personalised experiences

Location-based services from Mist AI empowers businesses to offer personalised experiences to customers.

This includes:

● personalised welcome messages

● unique specials or offers

● wayfinding to help customers navigate large locations

5. Steady, consistent performance

Assurance, reliability and uptime are crucial in today’s always and everywhere connected world.

Juniper’s Mist AI continuously measures baseline performance and helps IT teams identify the problem if there’s a deviation. This has the potential to significantly reduce support tickets and on-site technical visits, ultimately freeing IT teams to focus on higher value tasks.

By using Mist AI to protect a user’s digital onramp to services at the access edge, and leveraging Marvis VNA to remediate issues quickly and seamlessly, businesses can lower IT costs while ensuring their customers achieve secure, fluid, and reliable connectivity at all times.

To learn more about how Mist AI drives better customer experiences, please get in touch.